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Consumers do not want to spend hours at the dealership when shopping for a car in 2024. More than 70% want a flexible, frictionless omnichannel auto buying experience (Cox Automotive Study, 2023). CarSaver delivers an end-to-end digital retail experience that simplifies buying, selling, financing, and insuring a new or used car for members, all in one personalized platform.

While the technology to fully transact 100% online does exist (and powers Nissan Buy@Home), what consumers love about CarSaver is that with digital touchpoints across every stage, their experience is as digital as they decide. 


What lenders love is the ability to white-label CarSaver technology and offer industry-first solutions for their members that boost satisfaction and loyalty. Our technology helps lenders originate more loans within their existing member base while providing a best-in-class experience.

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CarSaver is AICPA SOC Certified

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Icons that show a bank, cars, and consumers
Icons that show a bank, cars, and consumers
Icons that show a bank, cars, and consumers




  • Fully transact online- buy, trade, or sell, insure, and finance a new or used vehicle 

  • Discover a best-in-class, personalized omnichannel experience​

  • Shop for a car in minutes on any device with an internet connection

  • Delight in upfront pricing, no surprises

  • Enjoy worry-free driving with a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty on eligible vehicles*

  • Power your lending with the same award-winning technology trusted by TruStage 

  • Deliver a seamless end-to-end digital retail experience without integration fatigue 

  • Originate more loans from existing base with automated Upgrade alerts 

  • Upsell and bolster direct and indirect auto financing with builtin options ​

  • Utilize the same technology that powers Nissan Buy@Home


  • Source and sell more CPO and used vehicles through  Upgrade trade-ins 

  • Augment customer experience, satisfaction, and retention​

  • Save sales and support teams hours of time walking customers through research

  • Modernize your sales process using real-time data 

*Only available on eligible vehicles. Other terms and conditions may apply.


CarSaver offers lenders a unique Vehicle Upgrade program that proactively notifies your existing auto loan consumers when they become eligible to upgrade to their next vehicle and links them to a personal portal with customized payments based on their credit and your rates and programs.

CarSaver also highlights your suite of insurance products within the shopping experience and provides consumers with a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty* on eligible vehicles at no additional cost, good for as long as they own the car.


The average powertrain repair being over $2,500, CaSaver's Lifetime Warranty will save consumers money when they need it the most.

*Only available on eligible vehicles. Other terms and conditions may apply.


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